SAM Controllers

This section is to ask general questions about the approach, methodology, applications, etc. related to all SAM Controllers

The Compressor Controller

For air compressor to be fully and efficiently automated, it requires more than just switches and timers. A well-run business that relies on air tools depends on the employees awareness and general maintenance of the air compressors because infrastructure observation is critical to maintaining the health and performance of a compressed air system.

Water Well Pump Controllers

Water well pumps work fine until they don’t and little if anything in known about their day to day operation even though they perform the critical task of providing water to your home or business.

Irrigation Pump Controllers

Irrigation of land has become increasingly more difficult in the last 20 years, with significant shifts to the water table and seasonal fluctuations of weather patterns that can result in long stretches of reduced rainfall reducing the time it takes for the water table to replenish. Agricultural irrigation is not simple and requires many different systems to work together with timing being critical to yield and profitability.

Sewage Pump Controllers

Question: When is a problem with the sewage pump or infrastructure discovered?
Answer: When it is too late.

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