Artificial Intelligence Controllers for Irrigation Pumps

Irrigation of land has become increasingly more difficult in the last 20 years, with significant shifts to the water table and seasonal fluctuations of weather patterns that can result in long stretches of reduced rainfall reducing the time it takes for the water table to replenish. Agricultural irrigation is not simple and requires many different systems to work together with timing being critical to yield and profitability.

Agriculture is increasingly relying on complex PLC systems to attempt to manage these significant unknowns but for agricultural irrigation to be fully and efficiently automated, it requires more than just switches and timers. A well-run farm institutes a disciplined infrastructure observation plan to maintain the health and performance of the irrigation system to prevent burning out pumps and motors.

The Irrigation Controller is the first to market artificial intelligence controller that delivers Full, Real-Time Automation to pressurized and non pressurized water distribution pumps and infrastructure. It does this by leveraging the powerful Task Oriented Optimal Computing, pushing edge computing to the device level and reducing the processing and decision making times down to microseconds.

Having efficient, rapid processing and embedded artificial intelligence constantly observing the water levels, pumps, and infrastructure ensures optimal operation of the irrigation system and notifications of problems the instant they arise, improving yield, reducing costs and increasing reliability.