Rupture Detection Trips Once Compressor is Turned On

There is an error that occurs within if the pressure sensor has a near zero error and the tank is first being filled which will trigger the Catastrophic Rupture and require feedback to continue.

If you have turned on the Compressor Controller and within a few seconds, the pump has stopped and the Rupture Detection Alert is displayed on the screen, but there is no rupture, this is because there is a miscommunication between the digital pressure sensor and the Compressor Controller.

The way to bypass this is to accept it as a rupture by turning the power to the Compressor Controller off for 5 seconds and then turning back on. This will increase the rupture threshold level by one, and the compressor will start like normal.

The first threshold of rupture detection, (Level 0) is very low and for normal applications of reciprocating compressor usage, this will not affect the performance of the Compressor Controller going forward.

If you are using the Compressor Controller in highly sensitive pressure environments that require Level 0 threshold protection, please contact us direction to discuss options.